"Hey kid, you wanna start a button shop?"

- "I guess so."

That’s how all this started.

The idea of Weekend Buttons began during a random conversation. Once the gears started turning, we ran with it. The “we” behind our little button shop is mainly a 2 person party operation consisting of a kid and his mom, along with a couple of elected volunteers that we can rope in every now and again.

Our focus is set on creating awesomely fun pinback buttons and magnets to fit a wide range of personalities and interests. If you can’t find what you’re looking for – just ask. We’ll hook you up. Disclaimer: this means that we can create a cool design for you that you can purchase – we can’t give away our awesome buttons for free silly! 

Pinback buttons can be used on all sorts of things! They’re popularly pinned to backpacks, sports bags, jackets, lanyards, purses, tops, dog harnesses and even shoes. They also make excellent gifts and can easily tie in a theme for your party or outing. Magnets of course can be used on your fridge and around the home or in your office making these pieces both attractive and functional! Win-win!


I’m the kid and I’m practically 11-years old. I enjoy baseball, anime and Netflix. I’ve been working on my art for as long as I can remember and will usually draw characters from whichever series is ruling my world at the moment. My first button was made out of a post-it almost immediately after we received the button machine and tore it out of its box.


I’m a mom that wears many different hats but usually the same outfit 2 times a week. Quite skilled in digital design as a drag and drop Jedi but woefully inadequate in real life illustration. Putting a pen, pencil, crayon…or anything to paper to actually draw, isn’t my strong suit, but I’m pretty good with coloring books.

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